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- We love the riding belt, my daughter is developmentally disabled and it has been a God send for us. Unfortunately she has now gotten too tall for it and it no longer fits her.  I would highly recommend this product for anyone with children that love too ride with their parents, it is just an awesome product. 
M. Benner, Pennsylvania

- My daughter has been asking over and over to go riding with me.  Since she is 8 years old and very light I was concerned that she would be able to hang on if we hit a big bump, had to turn sharp or stop quickly.  Moreover I would worry because I couldn't feel her back there.  After getting belt she is securely fasted with a harness, a heavy gauge belt around me and a foam block with handles between us.  She loves the belt and sense of security, I love the fact that I don't have to worry that she can't hang on and we have some great father daughter experiences.
R.Viera, Massachusetts

- My six-year-old son and I have an awesome time together on our Buddy 50 Scooter.  Our trips together were the highlight of this summer.   I would have never even considered riding with my son if it weren't for the Child Riding Belt amazingly our regular-sized Child Riding Belt fits us both.  I'm 265 lbs. and 6'2” and my wife is 5'1" and 115 lbs :). What a great bonding experience!!  There's even been a time when I think our son nodded off while he was leaning into me snuggly wrapped by the CRB.  Of course I tell him "Wake up!!" and give him a jab.  It's a great feeling knowing he's not going anywhere while he's wearing the belt and nestled in between me and the basket on the back of our Scooter.  One of my concerns was what kind of riding gear to buy for a six-year-old.  I also wanted to be kind to our budget...but I was determined to buy a DOT certified helmet and not to sacrifice any safety in that area.  Thanks so much for your fine product and for the great customer service. You helped us create family memories that will last a lifetime.  
R. Tilley, Pennsylvania

- Great product. I was skeptical at first. But after using the Child Riding Belt and seeing how my son is secured on the back of my husband's motorcycle, I felt better knowing my son would be safe riding on the motorcycle.
T. Marsh, New Jersey

- The Child Riding Belt is awesome and makes my investment in my Harley all worth it.  The reason is because now I get to safely enjoy touring the countryside with one of my boys riding with me.  It would just not be possible or safe to have my 8 or 6 year old ride with me without the Child Riding Belt.  I have referred your product to others who have noticed.  Thank you for the product, it's terrific!
N. Dereszynski, New York

-Love it! I have a 9 year old autistic son that just got way too big to ride on the front. Whether he gets rowdy or falls asleep he is safe on the back of the motorcycle. I also bought one for my father in law to keep at his house.
R. Fenn, Florida

- I love it and so does my daughter! She was always sad when I took off for a ride because she couldn’t come with me. Now she’s smiling ear to ear. Thanks for an awesome product!
L. Smith, North Carolina

- I would just like to say that your product is wonderful!!  We purchased the harness several years ago for my son who is now 16!!  We then used it for our other son who is now 11.  We have lent it to our friends who in turn have gone out and purchased their own.  We bought one for our son to use with his children.  I can also say that when my husband used to use it with our son, it definitely became a "chick magnet!"  Women would always come up to him in gas stations, etc. and say how adorable they both looked.  Again, GREAT product and much more success in the future...
R. Hausman, Michigan

- Your Child Riding Belt has been wonderful!  I bought it for my son, a single parent who enjoys riding with his young daughter.  She has even fallen asleep while riding and remained totally secure in the Child Riding Belt.  She really likes that she has handles to hold onto as well.  Thank you for giving a grandmother some peace of mind!
L. Spradling, Tennessee